Challenging Times Demand Innovative Solutions

We are certainly living in times that are challenging, particularly for teaching and learning. As a result, the time that teachers have to impact their students has narrowed due to time and access constraints. At the same time, we are being asked to prepare our students not only in the academic content but in the life skills that they will need to be successful in learning and in life.


New Dimensions in Teaching and Learning

To educate a “whole child for a whole world”, the Center for Curriculum Redesign has defined the necessary four dimensions of a modern education as KnowledgeSkillsCharacter, and Meta-Learning as depicted in this graphic. Through extensive research, we have developed a series of professional learning courses based on these 4 dimensions of teaching.

In our view, a 4D teacher is one who can seamlessly incorporate social-emotional learning and “21st-century skills” through their academic content teaching. We have worked with expert teachers – teachers currently in classrooms, who have been recognized through National Board Certification, State and National Teacher of the Year awards, Presidential Awards in Math and Sciences, and more – to develop courses that combine these skills and teach us how to educate students in SEL and Metacognitive skills through academic content instead of in isolation.


What differentiates our courses?

Our contentOur course content is focused on the 12 competencies and their subcompetencies of teaching, developed in concert with educators. Often, these competencies fall into areas traditionally called Social and Emotional Skills or Metacognitive Learning. However, there is nothing traditional about our competencies or how they are infused into content learning. You will learn how to teach, for example, resilience through math, metacognition through English Language Arts.

Our courses are short in duration but rich in applied learningEvery course includes both synchronous and asynchronous learning, over a limited time period, and requires applying what you learn as you go.

We develop ongoing communities of practice In our courses, you will be part of a small cohort of educators who share your curiosity, passion, and dedication to strengthening the practice of yourself and your students. The conversations have been rich and together, you will learn as you apply.

Feedback:  Feedback can be a dirty word – some people really do not know how to process, receive, or give feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is a key part of our courses and you will learn to both give and receive warm and cool feedback from your colleague circle.

AffordableCourse pricing is affordable and it is easy to register through Eventbrite.

Certificated, badged, micro-credentialedAs you progress in your journey to become a 4D teacher, you earn recognition along the way. Our Introductory courses are certificated; our Go Deeper courses each end with the awarding of a badge in that specific competency; and, finally, for teachers who take the Introductory and three Go Deeper courses (one in each area of 4D), there is a micro-credential in 4D teaching awarded at the end of the learning journey.

We are offering two sets of courses:  Introduction to 4D Teaching, in which we explore these competencies and how to infuse them into content; and Go Deeper Courses, in which we deeply explore one specific competency. Our introductory courses are available now for English Language Arts and Math. Our Go Deeper courses are under development.

What are these competencies? What are subcompetencies? Why would we want to teach them and how would we infuse them into content? These are common questions that we hear from teachers. You can explore the competencies in more detail on the Competencies Page.

We can tell you that the teachers who were part of our research study, development teams, and pilot courses have told us that learning about these competencies and how to teach them has been life-changing.

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