Modern Mathematics

Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics (STEM) is a critical element of the curriculum, particularly now as worldwide demand is outpacing supply and STEM professions are perceived as a key driver of growth through innovation. Mathematics is the foundation of STEM and a critical literacy for developing innovators; as such, the situation requires urgent attention.

Beyond professions, we are witnessing significant innumeracy in a very large segment of the population, which has severe consequences for their ability to understand and solve the world’s difficult problems and their own.

  • John Allen Paulos, mathematician at Temple University stated, “Gullible citizens are a demagogue’s dream…almost every political issue has a quantitative aspect.” He has since advocated the need for an educated citizenry and societies to deeply understand issues such as number sizing, coincidence, etc. all of which are portended by Mathematics.
  • Covid-19 has painfully underscored how little politicians and citizens alike understand exponentials, probabilities, complex systems, etc.

The Center for Curriculum Redesign, with prompting and appreciation from the OECD, has undertaken to design:

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