Introduction to 4D Teaching:
English Language Arts and Math

Resilience. Critical Thinking. Metacognition. Three areas of need for our students – and our educators – as we navigate the demands of teaching in today’s world.

Times of new challenges demand new approaches. Join the Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR) as we apply research-based approaches developed by educators for educators to meet the needs of your students. We are being asked to prepare our students not only in the academic content, but in the skills that they will need to be successful in learning and in life.

Learn how to teach competencies of social and emotional learning and metacognitive learning through your content area, not instead of it. Your time is even more limited now; teach these critical principles as part of your ELA or Math teaching through this 10 hour, 5-week, Introductory Course.

Our framework is the result of almost ten years of research, much of which was done by and with educators. We focus on the areas of Skills, Character, and Meta-Learning; our assumption is that educators taking our courses are already experienced in their content knowledge.


In our Introduction to 4D Teaching course, we follow this timeline:



A brief summary of the content of the course is provided below:



At the end of this Introductory Course, participants have explored the competencies; used an innovative lesson-planning tool called the Curriculum Development Tool (CDT) that includes six components in addition to identifying subcompetencies and topics taught; given and received lesson feedback; taught a lesson and captured additional feedback; reflected on learning and teaching, adjusted lessons; received a score on their lesson; and earned a certificate of completion.

Our 10 hour, 5-week, online Introductory Course is now being offered on Sunday, November 1, 2020, at the introductory rate of $275. Registration is now open.

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