Intent to Evidence Pathway

These days, many school and district mission and vision statements reference one or more 4D Competencies. They say things like, “We want our students to be strong critical thinkers, collaborative leaders, and ethical people.”

However, a mission statement is just a wish until a systematic approach provides the roadmap needed to turn it into reality. Our Intent to Evidence framework focuses on equipping schools and districts with this pathway.


Tier What How
Intent I want to teach a Competency. Connecting practical relevance to the new idea and developing clear and common language in discussing it.
Presence I have set specific times/assignments to teach a Competency. Explicit and deliberate and intentional classroom objectives, goals, and “students will be able to’s.”
Quality I am using techniques and best practices to teach a Competency. Thoughtful scaffolding and integration, with repeated practice in a variety of contexts, to ensure a comprehensive and systematic approach.
Evidence I am using tangible benchmarks to determine the progress of my students at a Competency. Use of real-world performance tasks, rubrics, and assessments to demonstrate proficiency.


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