More than Words: Bringing Mission to Life

Crescent School in Toronto, Ontario

Crescent School partnered with CCR to employ 4D School cutting-edge practices and research to bring its Portrait of a Graduate to life. Crescent’s mission features 4-Dimensional Competencies such as critical thinking, ethics, and leadership. To ensure graduates leave with those traits, Crescent’s partnership with CCR focuses on utilizing a systematic approach to move from the intent to teach competencies to evidence of learner proficiency.

Crescent teachers and leaders work with 4D Coaches to:

    • Foster a culture of intent focused on a shared destination
    • Ensure the explicit presence of Competencies in curricular and extracurricular activities by determining those that are best suited for them utilizing the 4D Framework of Competencies and Subcompetencies
    • Support the development of quality competency-infused lesson plans
    • Establish evidence of success benchmarks and feedback opportunities through the use of 4D Growth Rubrics
The image shows three Crescent School students. They are sitting on the floor considering a contraption they built as part of an engineering challenge. The image shows three smiling Crescent School students. They are sitting on the floor holding a sign that says, "I am dependable. I act responsibly and honour my commitments. People can rely on me to show up for them."

Every day reveals new challenges that today’s students will need to face—from climate change, to the risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence, to increasing social injustices, and political hyperpartisanship. These challenges make the work conducted at 4D Schools like Crescent all the more paramount.

The image shows about 30 Crescent School students in coats and jackets outside a large building. In front of them is a large pile of black trash bags, a broken and twisted goal, and some other large trash. On top of the pile is a sign that says "Don't Mess with the Don, " a reference to the volunteer group committed to protecting and enhancing the natural heritage of the Don Valley and Toronto ravines.

The 4D Competencies of Leadership and Ethics are on display as Crescent students engage in the “Don’t Mess with the Don” ravine clean-up.

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