Professional Learning

“As I look to the future of our world and of our schools, I realize that technology is changing everything. I wanted to be trained to teach computer science because I believe more and more schools will start offering and even requiring it, and people who do a great job of teaching these courses will have the utmost in job security. In these times of COVID-19, that’s more important than it’s ever been.”

Tina Leclerc, Business Education Teacher, Waterville High School



4D CS offers a best-in-class Computer Science professional learning course that is geared toward training experienced classroom teachers, whether they have computer science content expertise or not.

How is our professional learning better than others?

  • Scope & modern contexts – The course introduces a broad scope of Computer Science topics including: VR/AR, Computer programming, Game development, AI & Machine Learning, hardware & the Internet, Online safety & security, Web design & digital graphics, & Mobile App development.  CCR’s High School Computer Science courses cover all STA 2017 standards, and much, much more!
  • Content & Pedagogy – We integrate CS content with 21st Century Skills/competencies, and the most impactful instructional strategies to meet the needs of today’s learners.
  • Flexible environment – We designed for the flexibility needed to meet the time and location constraints that educators face. 
    • Interactive course: Open edX platform- work both individually (asynchronously) and together (synchronously) as part of an ongoing cohort 
    • Each module covers both essential content and relevant competencies (collaboration, ethics, and growth mindset), while including the best instructional strategies for computer science
    • Built-in assessments and dozens of opportunities to communicate directly with fellow learners and a mentor instructor, in a ratio of 10-15 students to 1 instructor.  
    • Online professional Learning community so that educators can share resources and support each other throughout their teaching careers
  • Reviewed by external sources – The Professional Learning Course as well as the high school curriculum have been reviewed by world-class educators and researchers.

Badges through partnership with Thomas College – CCR and Thomas College have created certification badges for each of the professional learning modules to provide teachers with evidence that they have been prepared to successfully teach computer science.