Professional Development

“As I look to the future of our world and of our schools, I realize that technology is changing everything. I wanted to be trained to teach computer science because I believe more and more schools will start offering and even requiring it, and people who do a great job of teaching these courses will have the utmost in job security. In these times of COVID-19, that’s more important than it’s ever been.”

Tina Leclerc, Business Education Teacher, Waterville High School

Efficient, Effective Teacher Training

Train Any Teacher to Become a Successful CS Educator!

At CCR, we know how hard it is to find and train computer science teachers. In fact, it can be the biggest obstacle to offering quality computer science courses at your school! We developed our teacher training for CS-1 and CS-2 with non-experts in mind. In as little as 40 hours of training time, experienced educators can learn the CS content, competencies, and strategies they’ll need to successfully lead your school’s CS program!

For educators who want to teach upper level courses, i.e., Game Development and App Development, CCR offers two pathways.

    1. New CS teachers can work their way up to game and app development by first mastering the knowledge and skills needed to teach CS-1 and CS-2.
    2. Educators who already have a strong CS foundation can go straight into the Game Development and App Development Professional Development (PD) courses.

All courses are offered in a blended setting. A few synchronous sessions allow teachers to learn directly from expert instructors and fellow learners while they work through all other course materials online at their own pace.

Teachers join the CCR 4D CS Teacher Community once they have finished the course. The community supports them and allows them to continue to collaborate with the CCR team and other teachers while they implement the new courses and grow the CS community at your school.

Upcoming sessions for all PD courses are planned for spring and summer 2024. Interested? Contact us or complete this Google form for more information.