Computer Science Reimagined.

The Center for Curriculum Redesign’s 4D Computer Science is an exciting secondary-level CS program that makes modern content and skills accessible for students of all levels.

Instructional Approach

Built specifically for the needs of students and teachers in traditional and vocational schools, CCR’s 4D CS curriculum is relevant and engaging. Regular content updates keep it current and timely.

Content coverage in 4D CS exposes students to all aspects of computer science and provides them with the knowledge and skills needed to create exciting new technologies. 4D CS is much more than just coding, yet it develops coding skills, processes, and languages better than most coding-only courses. (See the Cross-Course Strands table.) Incorporating all of the best-in-class instructional design elements garnered through CCR’s research into modernizing education, 4D CS is the most exciting and relevant curriculum of this generation. The courses:

  • Include comprehensive integration of content, Core Concepts, and 21st Century Skills/Competencies (collaboration, critical thinking, ethics, etc.)
  • Include comprehensive and flexible Professional Development courses to train teachers from other subject areas to become successful CS teachers.
  • Offer a comprehensive classroom solution, including the following components available online and in print:
    • Teacher’s Guide with robust support for personalization and direct instruction
    • Student Activities, projects, and assessments
    • whole-class presentations for every lesson
    • teacher support videos and instructional videos