Computer Science Reimagined.

4D CS is a program of the Center for Curriculum Redesign, working to bring work-and life-ready computer science education to students around the country.
As I look to the future of our world and of our schools, I realize that technology is changing everything. I wanted to be trained to teach computer science because I believe more and more schools will start offering and even requiring it, and people who do a great job of teaching these courses will have the utmost in job security. In these times of COVID-19, that’s more important than it’s ever been.
Tina Leclerc

Business Education & Computer Science Teacher


We are in Year 3 of the Pilot, and over 100 Waterville students have taken our courses. We are excited for what the future will bring for our students.

Professional Learning

We’ve developed Professional Development courses to cover our 9th & 10th grade courses, and teachers can earn badges through our partnership with Thomas College.

Coming Soon

CCR’s Computer Science team is preparing for the 2021/2022 School Year, continuing our Waterville pilot with the new Grade 11 courses, and starting to plan and build Grade 12 and new Professional Learning


Opportunity for Students

The 4D CS model has been implemented in a pilot program at Waterville High School, called Waterville Cyber Panthers. We are excited to share the experience the students have had, along with data on how the students are performing and how the program has morphed throughout the 2-year pilot period.

Professional Learning

Opportunity for Teachers

We will be offering cohorts of 10 middle and high school teachers to take part in our Computer Science professional development. The cohorts will run during the summer of 2020. Teachers completing this professional development will receive 40 contact hours and 12 Computer Science badges in partnership with Thomas College. The coursework will allow for flexibility for the teacher as it will be accessed in an online environment with the support of an instructor/mentor and 4 required synchronous sessions. Completion of this coursework will prepare the teacher to teach the CS1 course.

Long-term Success

Preparing Students for the Future

These courses will allow learners to develop a deep knowledge of essential computer science that will enable them to obtain certifications, jobs, and the foundational understandings needed for higher education courses of study (within or outside of computer science).