New Dimensions in Teaching & Learning

Difficult times call for innovative solutions. We are facing one of the most challenging times that we have ever known in the education profession. Our belief is that a 4D educator has the tools to successfully prepare tomorrow’s citizens and workforce.

What should students learn?

We address this question as the fundamental one of our times. If we answer the question well, we design a new world. There is no issue so large—climate change, injustice, artificial intelligence—that a new generation of empowered thinkers can’t solve it.

We must create that generation. To do so, we wish to provide students with a 4-Dimensional Education. With the world changing exponentially, we cannot expect a graduate to have all of the information they need for life.

A 4D Education must then ready an individual for lifelong learning, as they can’t know everything they’ll need for the upcoming decades right now! We have defined the necessary four dimensions of a modern education as Knowledge, Skills, Character, and Meta-Learning.

Our Professional Learning Courses

Resilience. Critical Thinking. Metacognition.
Three areas of need for our students – and our educators – as we navigate the demands of teaching in today’s world. Learn how to teach competencies of social and emotional learning and metacognitive learning through your content area, not instead of it. Your time is even more limited now; teach these critical principles as part of your teaching.

Beginning the week of January 17, 2021, this 10-hour, 5-week course will be offered on your choice of Sunday or Tuesday evenings.

Registration is now open. Click below to learn more.

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