4D Education, because…

An educator and a student smile at each other while discussing something on an electronic tablet. There are other students working in the background. The text says "the future can't wait!"

A 4-Dimensional Education is relevant for today, ready for tomorrow

Traditional education focuses on just what students know. A 4D Education infuses three additional dimensions to Knowledge – Skills, Character, and Meta-Learning – to ensure learners are equipped for healthy lives and work.

Knowledge Skills Character Meta-Learning

Teach What Matters

School and district mission statements and portraits of a graduate are often filled with nods to 21st Century Skills and Social-Emotional Learning, valuing important competencies like creativity, collaboration, resilience, and a growth mindset. But what systems are in place to teach these competencies, and what data do you have to know if you are delivering on your promise? Collaborate with 4D to bring your mission to life.