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Welcome to Four Dimensional Education

Making Education More Relevant

Interested in bringing 4DEdu to your school?

We host on-site workshops that enable staff to explore 4DEdu and apply it to their instruction. To learn more please contact us at info@curriculumredesign.org.

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What We Offer

Intro to 4DEdu


The Intro to 4DEdu Workshop is a one-day program that allows educators and other workshop participants to dig into the ‘How’ of curriculum redesign. Utilizing the 4DEdu design process participants will have the opportunity to re-examine curriculum and uncover how they can transform traditional curricula into 4DEdu curricula. Working with components of their own curriculum, teachers and administrators will be able to apply their 4DEdu design skills towards their own work.

4DEdu Deep Dive


The 4Dedu workshop series is a five-part program meant to help schools design and implement Four Dimensional Curriculum. During this five part series participants will gain exposure to the ‘Why’’, ‘What’, and ‘How’ of curriculum redesign so that they can apply their knowledge and design interdisciplinary units. Throughout the series, teachers will be at the center of the 4Dedu process uncovering methods to unpack curriculum to find the themes, concepts, and connections that carry through across subject areas. Working in teams, teachers will develop thematic units that enable them to work together to incorporate the four dimensions of Knowledge, Skills, Character, and Meta-Learning thus ensuring ‘What’ we teach is as relevant and beneficial to students as possible.

4DEdu Seminar


This seminar will focus on new global concepts  known as “Four-Dimensional Education” and teach the Why, What and How of 21st century competencies. The last major changes to curriculum took place in the late 1800’s as a response to the sudden growth in societal and human capital needs. However, today’s 21st century bears little resemblance to the 19th century so curricula needs to be deeply redesigned. You will learn about emergent and future needs, and new imperatives to teach and develop 21st century competencies in Knowledge, Skills, Character and Meta-Learning. Through online research and group projects, you will re-examine STEM, Humanities, Arts, and broaden your practice to include inquiry, debate, design, artistic expression and project-based learning.  The role of technology and its future will also be discussed.

The Book

Four Dimensional Education


What should students learn to best prepare for the twenty-first century? In this book, the Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR) describes a framework built to address this question, so that curriculum is redesigned for versatility and adaptability, to thrive in our volatile present and uncertain future. The framework focuses on knowledge (what to know and understand), skills (how to use that knowledge), character (how to behave and engage in the world), and meta-learning (how to reflect on and adapt by continuing to learn and grow). This book is essential for teachers, department heads, heads of schools, administrators, policymakers, standard setters, curriculum and assessment developers, and other thought leaders and influencers, who seek to develop a thorough understanding of the needs and challenges we all face, and to help devise innovative solutions.